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Here is one of the best PC Flight Simulation Games. See why this game stands out from the other flying simulators. You will be amazed at the details and the scenery. You have 100% flight freedom to fly anywhere in the world. I spend hours flying around looking at the scenery and landmarks. This game is so realistic you can even fly over your own home.

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With over 120 aircraft's available to master you will never get board of this game. The massive selections of planes blow the other PC Flight Simulation Games away. There is several different aircraft's to choose from such as propeller planes, airliners, military jets, and helicopters. Also there are over 20,000 real world airports available in the full scenery set that you can take off from or land at.

It is also an Online Flight Simulator. So if you get tired of flying around by yourself go online and fly with thousands of other players. You can fly in formation or even do air to air refueling. There is also real time integration with Google maps. It will show where you are and the rest of the live players.

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PC Flight Simulation Games - Features

This game has more features than any other PC Flight Simulation Games that I have played. Here I will go over some of the features. Some of these features below require the Full Scenery Package that can be upgraded when or after you order, but it is worth it.

• Free Updates and Upgrades – Once you buy this Flying Simulator you will never have to pay for the updates/upgrades and the game is always changing.

• 3D Cockpit Views – You can control everything in the cockpit on each airplane.

• Real time Integration with Google Maps - shows your location and other live players.

• Scenery based on Military Data – Includes all rivers, roads, railroads, cites, towns, etc. At night time you can even see headlights on major highways

• Multiplayer – Fly in formation, air-to-air refueling, or aerobatics.

• Multiple Controller Support – Supports many types of PC flight simulation games controllers such as yokes, foot pedals, throttle, etc.

• Real Life Helicopter Handling – Everything that applies to real helicopters applies in this PC flight simulation games.

• Land on Aircraft Carrier – Currently support for Aircraft Carrier operations on the Nimitz (near San Francisco) and on The Eisenhower.

• 120+ different aircraft’s to select from.

• 20,000+ real world airports in the full scenery set.

• Fly with the help of Autopilot.

• Real Life Runway Elevation

• Synchronized time with real-world time – Time is read from your system clock, and is based on what is happening around the world. The sun, moon, stars, and planets are correctly placed for the specific time and date. Seasonal effects are also taken into place.

The details of the scenery are just absolutely amazing. They made this game to be as close to real flying that you can get and they did an extremely well job. I play it on a 46″ television with two additional monitors set up with a Yoke, Throttle and Foot Petals and it feels like that I am really Flying the airplane or helicopter. Also your aircraft is aligned with the sun, moon, and stars. It is very realistic at night time when you are flying over major highways you can even see vehicles headlights. There are also weather effects such as wind, snow, rain, or lightning. I was very surprised of the details that they put into this game. I love flying around viewing landmarks like Pyramids, Great Wall of China, Eiffel Tower, etc. You must have the full scenery set add-on or this PC flight simulation games is limited to the San Francisco area. But if you do decide to purchase this game I highly recommend the Full Scenery Set. It is very well worth it. It’s not much more, but what makes it above the other PC flight simulation games. With all of the features in this game I am surprised that they do not charge several hundreds of dollars for this game.

The aircraft can determine many parameters that a real-life aircraft can. The aircraft reactions and movements are extremely accurate. You will be amazed at the amount of detail that they put into this game. With ProFlightSimulator you can control just about every aspect of the game.  It is the best flight simulator 2011.

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When you are flying around you will realize how accurate the details are. If you are flying around where you live and it is nighttime there, then it will be nighttime in the game. It uses the time off of you system clock and applies it to the game. So where ever you are flying the time of day or night is accurate. This is why it one of the best PC Flight Simulation Games available today.